Travel and Visa Information

Transportation to and in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to Europe’s safest, highest quality, and most intensely used public transportation network. Few countries are more enjoyable to traverse by public transportation than Switzerland is, encompassing attractive options like buses, trains, boats, cable cars, and more. With extremely efficient services that synchronize with one another, using trains or buses is often the option with the least hassle. You will not be alone, either; the average Swiss resident takes the train about 70 times per year, more than any other European country, for an average of 2,400 km per person every year. Most of the public transport system and certainly the trip to Davos can be booked through the online tool of the Swiss Rail webpage.

Alternatively, transportation by bus from the Zurich Kloten Airport directly to the Davos Congress as well as the return trip, if required, can be booked during the on-line conference registration process (subject to an extra fee). Detailed bus pick-up schedule and further information will be communicated at the beginning of September 2022.

For other options, please check the detailed guide provided by the Davos Congress, the partner of the ICSCRM2022 conference, to explore the full array of transportation options available to you.

For those attendees that prefer to discover the natural beauty of Switzerland by car, a full range of car rental services is available at the Zurich Airport. For an optimum driving experience, make sure you inquire about a full-electric of hybrid-electric car model, as Switzerland has a well-developed network of EV chargers Map (

Entry to Switzerland and Health Requirements

Depending on your personal nationality and where you live, you may need to meet certain entry requirements to visit Switzerland. Please note that the information below is provided as an in-kind service to help potential attendees with their travel plans. Be advised that regulations may change and that the only authoritative source of information are the official websites and organizations references below. It is the attendee’s responsibility to verify this information with official resources.

Please visit the official site of the Swiss Secretariat for Migration SEM for full details on official entry requirements for visitors to Switzerland.

Visitor Visa

To determine if you need a Visitor’s Visa to enter Switzerland and attend the conference, check the document Overview of ID and Swiss visa provisions according to nationality and refer also to the regulations and communications posted on the official websites of the Swiss Embassies or Consulates in your relevant national jurisdiction.

Apply for a Visitor’s Visa

If you require a visa to enter Switzerland, you will need a letter of invitation from ICSCRM 2022 (request a Letter of Invitation for ICSCRM 2022 – for registered attendees only; please do provide your registration number!). The Letter of Invitation does not constitute an application for a Visa; we cannot guarantee that it will qualify you or enable you to obtain the necessary Visa. As the main organizer of the conference, ETH Zurich must comply with all the various Swiss regulations and, as a result, it may not be able to provide a letter of invitation in all cases.

COVID-19 related regulations

There are currently no entry restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No proof of vaccination, recovery or testing is required for entry into Switzerland. To see what rules apply to your own particular situation when entering Switzerland, consult the online «Travelcheck». Regularly check the previous link as these requirements may change between now and ICSCRM 2022.

COVID testing information for conference attendees and their accompanying persons

A proof of a negative COVID-19 test may be required from attendees prior to the return flight home. Each attendee is solely responsible for checking with their national health organizations and airline regulations to see if this is required. COVID-19 testing is widely available in Switzerland to meet entry requirements for other countries. COVID-19 testing facilities are available at the Zurich Kloten Airport, as well as locally in the Davos region.